• Kutch is a place of coloureful costumes & treasure of handicraft. As a matter of glory & signification of kutch, is found a geographical era of middle age which has 16 million years old fossil of Dinosaur and fossil of woods.

    Photography is my hobby. Before 20 years I had started my holidays enjoying in kutch, I started photography of their various flak fair in kutch, specially people of kutch. A picture that I clicked in the fair of Ravechi Mela before earthquake titled "MARU BHUNSAYELU SWAPN" awarded by Gujarat State Lalit Kala Akadami in year 2001. I head organized my first one man photography exhibition on "Kutch-before & after earthquake"

    Once after photography of Ravechi Mela at Rapar, we reached to Dholavira, crossing Khadir Bet. We visited a town - Citadel, which is just a kilometer away from Dholavira that has world's oldest Sindhu Culture or Harappain culture (3000 years BC). On the guidance of one gentleman, we reached Fossil Park which is 15 kms away from Dholavira. We could reach to the place after crossing a hill which is on the northern side of Khadir Island near Check post of Border Security Force, near Pakistan Border.

    The view of this Fossil Park was marvelous & extra ordinary. It felt as if like a sea when water gets logged in monsoon. And when dried up, it's beautiful gesture of white desert. I started enjoying photography over there in the remains seasons and various times. There were Fossil of trees, but I had found a various shapes of different rocks, different layers & different colours clicked by my camera. Thus I am very pleasure to present before you the different shapes that come to being because of the effect of the atmosphere as FACES @ FOSSIL PARK. I am very grateful to the God who is the creator of all as one poet clearly mentioned in his poetry.

    "I will meditate on all your works and consider all your mighty deeds." Psalm 77:12 [Bible]

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