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Freelancer Photographer

Bipin CHristian

International One Man Show:

November 10 to 14, 2022. Sahra Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE

International Group Show:

March 26th to 29th, 2018 at World Trade Center, Dubai, UAE

One Man Show

(1st) 28th May to 3rd June, 2001, at State Art Gallery, R. R. Kala Bhavan, Ahmedabad.

(2nd) 18th August to 25th August, 2005 at Karnavati Art Gallery, Ahmedabad.

(3rd) 28th August to 3rd September, 2006 at Art Center, Nr. Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.

(4th) 24th to 27th January, 2016 at State Art Gallery, R. R. Kala Bhavan, Ahmedabad.

(5th) 24th to 27th November, 2016 at NCPA, Nariman Point, Mumbai-21.

March 26th to 29th, 2018 at World Trade Center, Dubai, UAE

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Dear Bipin Christian, I am happy to know that you are organising a 4th one man show on "FACES @ FOSSIL PARK" This is only happen by your hard work in Photography as hobby more than last 20 years. As a result, your intrest take you in Kutch Dist. of Gujarat which is known as JURASIC PARK In this ERA showing Geological changes since creation of EARTH. I personally appreciate your abilities to discover NATURE in Photography & Videographer. I wish all the best for this Exhibition. With Regards,



Mr. Bipin Christian, Secretary- Camera Club of Karnavati Congratulations and best wishes for your 4th One Man Show Faces at Fossil Park photography exhibition. A photo exhibition of fossils was my own dream but I'm so glad you were able to make it come true. Along with you, I have also had the pleasure of visiting such places in Kutch for beautiful photography. Which I remember even today.


Ashwin Patel, Former President, Camera Club of Karnavati.

Photography is not just a representation of mechanical equipment. Only when the soul of the photographer is united it is created - pictorial art.



When photographing a living subject, you have to look at it from different angles. At different times and places, your camera can capture many different images. Something that you and the viewer immediately understand and gives both the effect and pleasure, but when photographing an inanimate subject, finding a symbol in it, capturing it, and then presenting it to the viewer can be very difficult. Going. Mr. Bipinbhai has taken such a difficult thing as a challenge and done photography. He has meticulously observed the fossils lying on the beach and become a matter of history over the years, finding the hidden shapes in them, photographing them at the right angle and at the right time, documenting them and presenting them to us. On this occasion, let us applaud his hard work as a picture artist and wish him the strength to continue doing such work in other subjects as well.


Vraj Mistri

Mr. Bipin Christian, who has a good reputation in the field of photography and has done three one-man shows, is presenting his fourth one-man show 'Facies at Fossil Park' with his unique insight, expertise and technique. They have meticulously observed the rock formations, colors and seascapes in this landscape camera. His pictures seem to speak. In which his vast experience is seen. I and my friends congratulate him on this occasion.


Rohit Bhagat, President, Camera Club of Karnavati